Review of 2013

Well done to everyone for a great performance at the Review of the Year
and congratulations to all of the prize winners:

Award Winners 2014

Turnout & Attendance
er Up - Harry Wells
Winner - Nathanael Higgs
Best new member - Ella Elston

Progress award                        
Senior - Chloe Martin
Junior - Katie Kitchen
New member - Ella Elston

5 year service certificate - Nathanael Higgs
5 year service certificate - Rachael Stalker
5 year service certificate - Samuel Johnston
5 year service certificate (leaders) - Steve Spicer

Senior Solo bugle runner up - Amy Childs
Senior Solo bugle winner - Samuel Johnston

Junior Solo bugle runner up - Joshua Dickin
Junior Solo bugle winner - Zoe Martin

Solo bass bugle winner - Georgie Hayes

Senior Solo side drum runner up - Katie Kitchen
Senior Solo side drum winner - Nathanael Higgs

Junior Solo side drum runner up - Sophie Bolton
Junior Solo side drum winner - Luke Sage

Senior Solo fife runner up - Matt Taylor
Senior Solo fife winner - Amy Childs

Junior Solo fife runner up - Sophie Bolton
Junior Solo fife winner - Joshua Dickin

Solo bells runner up - Niamh Kidd
Solo bells winner - Tara Walker

Dantville shield - Amy Childs 
For the best personal performance not otherwise recognised

17th Oscar - Ally Boorman, Adam Childs, Anton Grey, Luke Sage
For the most entertaining contribution to the year                                            

Welsh Cup - Amy Bolton
For achievement not otherwise recognised

Band Member of the Year - Amy Bolton
Voted for by the Band Members themselves

The Davison Award for Service - Samuel Johnston
For outstanding service to the band


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